With so many websites on the Internet, you must come across some that have pop-ups all the time. No matter which page you click or what action you take on the site, some window always jumps up. And not rarely it contains harmful content that can endanger the condition of your device. This is especially the case with movie sites.

A lot of these are financed through ads so they pop up while users are watching, interrupting their experience. But there are actually a few ways to get rid of these annoying ads. We’ll look into them now.


One of the safest and easiest ways to watch free movies online without the risk of exposing your device to harmful content is to go to a legal website that doesn’t have any annoying ads like the one we’ll talk about.


This website is strictly against anything that can cover the viewing space or fill your computer, tablet or smartphone with viruses. It’s absolutely legal and obtains its movies and TV series in a lawful way and from trusted sources. That’s why it can openly ensure the security of all the users.

Moreover, it has a plethora of videos in various categories, so you can always find something to watch without any issues.

Blocking Extensions

Your browser can help you with the annoying ads, too. There are extensions that can completely stop them and give you an experience without interruptions. For instance, one such extension is Poper Blocker. It can be added to Google Chrome for free, representing an efficient and cheap solution for watchers.

Unlike some of the other pop-up blockers, it battles almost every type of disturbing ads, entirely eliminating them from the site. What’s more, it notifies you whenever a pop-up is blocked so that you can have the control over everything you remove. Also, you get to choose whether you want to block a certain ad only once or all the time while you’re on the site.

This extension is easy to set up. All you should do is:

  • Go to the extension’s website
  • Click ‘Add to Chrome’
  • Watch without being interrupted

Manual Closing

If nothing else works for you, there’s always the option to close all pop-up ads manually. The moment they appear, hover over the red ‘x’ and close them. However, mind that it’s recommended to have operating antivirus software in the background so that no malware can enter your device.

In the bottom line

A lot of people want to watch movies and episodes online, but they can’t get rid of annoying ads that pose a threat to the device they’re using. But you don’t have to be one of them, as we presented useful ways to help you out with this. Whether you decide to visit a legal and trusted website like the one we shared earlier or add a pop-up blocking extension to your browser or opt for closing them manually, you’ll eventually end up with a clean watching space.