Are you searching for the ways to do Blogging properly? Well, you’ve come to the right platform. Today, most of the people are trying to start blogging in a proper manner. But, the difficult thing is they do not know the effective way to start blogging properly by Whitehat SEO.

The importance of doing SEO

We all know that performing SEO is important to boost our website. There are two different techniques are widely followed by people to start blogging properly or to promote their business. One can easily build their brand by means of black hat SEO and Whitehat SEO techniques.

But, it is best to follow the Whitehat SEO techniques to do your job in an efficient manner. Whitehat SEO is the one which uses simple techniques which help to get listed in the search engine result page.


5 effective Whitehat SEO techniques that you need to know

Both the Whitehat SEO and black hat SEO techniques are not same. Learning and implementing the Whitehat SEO will help you to boost your brand effectively. Here are some simple and the most effective Whitehat SEO techniques that you must know.

Quality content

We already know that content is most important to any website. If our website is having informative and high-quality content, the Google search engine will rank our website on the index page.

So, it is vital to think about that the website is having good and quality content.

Use headlines in the content

As I said before, content is important to our website and at the same moment, it is vital to include headings in the content. If you include two more subheadings in your content, then the user can easily read the information. Moreover, the search engines also give priority to the content that comes with the heading elements.

Titles and Metadata matter

As like as the heading elements, the titles, and the Metadata also plays a major role. So, it is also important to provide pages with appropriate titles and Meta tags. Not only, it is important to use the appropriate titles but also it is quite important to think about the perfect use of the title and Meta tags on your webpage.

Using appropriate keywords

Before writing any content for your website, it is vital to do a proper keyword research. After that, choose the right keywords that are relevant to your website. Think about the keywords that people should easily use and search on your website. Maintain the 2-3% keyword density in your website. Over stuffing the keyword is not good for your website.

Inbound Links

Building quality inbound links to your website is quite important. There are both the good and bad inbound links are out there. It is best to get quality and good inbound links from other webpages.

These are some of the simple ways that you need to follow to start blogging properly by Whitehat SEO.

Now in this modern world most of the people are going for the jobs away from their hometown. Where it is not possible to take the rent house and buy all the appliances for their house to lead the daily life. So they go for the short term apartment for rent where the house itself contains all the needed home appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, bed with cot, Fan and other needed appliances. The price of the apartment starts from the $700 where it includes all the utilities and the apartment contains the two bath rooms and bed rooms and it is located at the center of the town. The apartment is of 750sqft full furnished one which is available for the rent at green road, Dhaka and Bangladesh where the apartment has the nice buildings with the top interior design.

The apartment is located at the prime location of the city with the good environment having the features such as 2bath, 2 bed, dinning, kitchen, drawing and verandah. The rooms of the apartments is furnished with tea table, sofa, dining table with complete set of chairs, cupboards, bed, dressing table, puff, coffee chair as bedroom set, Air conditioner, TV, water heater, cutlery, Crockery’s, fridge, drawing set etc. Many apartments are there in Dhaka where you can rent them for the short term or long term period of time where they provide you the best service with logistics support at affordable price to make your trip to Dhaka as the best and most memorable one.

Benefits of renting the short term apartment at Dhaka

Many benefits are there in renting the short term furnished apartment rent at Dhaka – where the apartments contains the room with the facilities of the king and the queen size of the bedroom sets and the air conditioner. These apartments provide their best service with the logistics support to their customers and also they provide the good hospitality. The apartment provides the comfortable and spacious place for the tourist travelers and the person who are working in the Dhaka city. The following are the some of the features off the apartment rooms.

short term  furnished apartment rent at dhaka

  • Fully furnished dining and living room with imported furniture, sofa, bed and home appliances
  • Agglomerated marble tiles flooring
  • Fully furnished bedroom sets in both king and queen size.
  • Fully equipped kitchen room including the appliances like gas, toaster, microwave oven, coffee maker, geyser, exhausting fan, cooking cutlery and utensils.
  • Individual geysers and air conditioners in the each room and bathroom for their maximum comfort.

The apartment provides many facilities to their customers where the main goal is in satisfying the entire needs o the customers. Many apartments are offering the best service and the basic needs to their customers in the good level making them to enjoy the trip and spend their time in enjoying the each moment. If you want to make your trip as best one in your life then you can go with the short term apartments.

In case you are looking to increase your website traffic then it is essential to choose the best SEO techniques. There are huge numbers of the SEO technique is there and people must choose the best one according to their desire. Actually targeting keyword is one of the sole intent of maximizing the organic rankings. Both of the B2C and B2B marketers are looking to use this technique because it is one of the best marketing techniques. In a present world many of the people are offering SEO service but people must choose the best one. A certified SEO company can provide huge numbers of the service which is including keyword research, link building and inbound linking.

Techniques involving in the SEO service

If you are looking to maximize your website traffic then you must follow some tips which is including

  • Remove anything which is slow down your website
  • Try to link your website to other website who are having relevant content
  • People must write the relevant and unique meta descriptions
  • Attempt to build the momentum along with the social signals

In fact social media is the best integral part of the search engine optimization strategy and search signals also most important one. Actually Google is not adding social signals to the SEO ranking algorithm factor but it is affecting the SEO rankings. If you are creating the unique content then people might be showing interest to share your content to social media platforms. If you are adding some post which is related to your product or service then you might easily promote your business product. Try to use some catchy keywords so that people can interest to buy your product. Without marketing or advertising people can’t able to sell their product even you are offering branded or premium quality of product. In a modern world most of the business people are struggling a lot to promote their product because they are not choosing the effective marketing technique. If you are adding some share buttons then people will share your business product information to other people. In a search engine optimization images are playing a vital role because Google is producing the result both content and image format. Try to insert catchy keyword at your images so that people can easily know about your business product in detail.

Outstanding tips for choosing the SEO technique

Search engine optimization is the best ways to maximize your business product and many of the people are offering this service so people must carefully choose the best one. People can also create the keyword based on the domain name. First and foremost people must know about how to create the unique and effective content. Now a day many of the experienced people are following some unique techniques so try to choose the best one based on your desire. Once you are choosing the best SEO technique then people might obtain more numbers of the benefits. It is helping to increase the profit and revenue.

Have you ever wondered seeing a body builder having that tremendous size of body muscles, thongs, ribs and chests? Have you ever astonished seeing an actor who shows off that he has build up muscles within a week for his upcoming fixture? Have you ever amazed about how fast an athlete is running and jumping and swimming who is at your same age? The reason behind all those amusements is the Steroid. Either legally or illegally it acts behind all those people depicted above. Let us discuss more about the game changer.

Steroid, is usually a medicine, which is used to increase the secretion of hormones, mostly testosterones, which is the basic hormone for all the male muscle development, facial hair development, deepening of voice etc., Without testosterone, the puberty of male cannot be occurred.

But in taking of steroids, without a practiced druggist, it is completely illegal in most of the countries. If you still wanted to do it illegal, try building your muscles inside the cages of the prison.

Benefits of steroids

Apart from all those side effects and epic steroid failures, it does have a lots and lots of uses, when taken under the supervision of practiced doctor. The many different ways in which steroid can be used are as follows.

Body builders

The most steroid consumers are body builders, who really want to build their muscles as much bigger and stronger as possible. If taken as prescribed, the steroids have the capability to stimulate certain testosterones in different parts of the body. If you already good with the stomach and only want to stimulate your arm muscles, then Steroids can help you with that too.


The key body parts of an athlete are the legs and the hands. Apart from the talent, the reason why Usain Bolt is yet the best because, he is from Jamaica and most of the Jamaicans will have longer legs and stubborn arms.  So, for

Sport activities

The steroidal drugs may leads to improved stamina and increased energy withholding strength for the sport persons. Once the steroids were used for Olympic players to show the better performance in their domain play in Olympics, but due to over usage it was prohibited from Olympic rules. But the proper dosage and proper usage of steroids will give good results to the player’s body health condition and physical fitness. It leads to improvement of their career too and you can buy steroids express by online stores.


Though the over usage gives some side effects the proper use of steroids will give good results.